I chose to further analyze the dataset I used for my EDA for the final project. The dataset recorded the obesity levels of people from Mexico, Peru, and Colombia alongside their eating habits and physical condition. As the project asked us to build a machine learning model, I was interested in building an accurate model around if a person is obese or not — a two-class problem — as well as finding the features that would be most relevant in training this model.

The dataset I used has the data of 2111 individuals aged 14 to 61 and 17 attributes…


I chose to analyze a dataset that estimated obesity levels based on the eating habits and physical condition of people from Mexico, Peru, and Colombia. I was interested in the relationship between body fat levels and lifestyle habits, as the findings can be applicable to the health and wellbeing of many, if not most, of us. It is especially relevant because BMI has been on the news a lot recently due to the fact that those with a high BMI are eligible to get the COVID-19 vaccine earlier, as obese individuals are three times more likely to be hospitalized from…

Stacy Shen

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